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Valuing differences

Four years ago, while tinkering in the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, I had an idea for a book about practicing shared understanding. I started writing it slowly two years before I received a book contract. As the years went on, we reached crisis point with shared understanding and bridging divides needed more than ever. Under heavy emotions I battled to write and it felt like no one would hear, especially where it was most needed. In the UK and Australia, the book was categorized under Education or Social Sciences – where I intended it to be. In the US, it was categorized under Policy Science and Technology. This was unexpected but it made sense. In September 2020, University of Delaware was first in the world to order the published book. After today, I am writing my next book in a less anxious state. I already hear the growing relief in the voices of the people I interview online in the US and elsewhere. The communication lines are now open and valued and it feels like we can now move forward with informed solutions to global issues. That is the huge difference between now and four years ago.

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