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Producing Shared Understanding for Digital and Social Innovation

I am currently writing my first book to be published in mid-2020 by Palgrave Macmillan. Here is a synopsis: Faye Miller, PhD is a social change agent with over a decade of experience across the hidden, unconventional spaces in-between industries such as documentary making, journalism, social media, university research and education, and public policy. She works towards encouraging people‚Äôs understanding of transdisciplinary cultures and social-ecological systems, while nurturing, unifying and diversifying ways to impact for social change and innovation. Producing Shared Understanding for Social and Digital Innovation is a guide for anyone who wants to be a social change agent regardless of their background. This book focuses on concepts grounded in empirical research, such as transdisciplinary resonance and informational waves. It also introduces innovative methods towards producing shared understanding, such as analyzing moments, paradoxes, dialogue, visuals and action for identifying a range of social innovation problems, insights and actions for social, environmental and digital sustainability.