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Miller, F. (2020) Producing Shared Understanding for Digital and Social Innovation: Bridging Divides With Transdisciplinary Information Experience Concepts and MethodsPalgrave Macmillan/Springer.

Miller, F. (in press, 2022). Shared Understanding for Social Sustainability and Regeneration. A Companion Guide to Facilitating Informed Conversations and Action. HC Publishing.

Invited Book Chapters

Miller, F. & Wallis, J. (2015). Social interaction and the role of empathy in information and knowledge management. In Hagen-McIntosh, J. (ed). Information and Data Literacy: The Role of the Library, Part V: Marginalized Populations’ Need for Information and Data Literacy. Apple Academic Press: New Jersey, USA.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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Manuscripts in Preparation 

Miller, F. (forthcoming book, 2023) Livestreaming as therapy: How people experience reddit’s Public Access Network. 

Miller, F. et al. (book chapter in preparation). How is information literacy a transdisciplinary concept and practice? 

Research Blog Posts

Facilitating narratives for knowledge co-production: A knowledge broker’s role (co-authored with Dr Jessica Melbourne-Thomas, CSIRO), Integration and Implementation Insights, The Australian National University, May 2022.

Navigating paradoxical tensions through “both/and” thinking, Integration and Implementation Insights, The Australian National University – Blog post #318 and discussion 2020.

Creative Works

Miller, F. (in press, 2022). Universal Abstractions: Digital + Glitch Art by Faye Q. Miller (Vol. 1.). Lightweaver Publishing.

Miller, F. (2018). The Social Media Paradox. Documentary film treatment sponsored by the International Documentary Association.

Miller, F. & Stevens, C. (2016) Imaginative Storytelling Experiences: Fostering Lifelong Creativity. Documentary film treatment.

Refereed Conference Papers

Miller, F. (2021). Activating breakthroughs: An online transdisciplinary career development program. Paper accepted,  presented at 2021 International Transdisciplinarity Conference, Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, Bern, Switzerland, 13-17 September 2021.

Miller, F. (2021). Activating breakthroughs: Online career development programs for transdisciplinary career transitions. Paper accepted, presented at 30th National Centre for Vocational Education Research Conference, Adelaide, South Australia, 7-9 July 2021.

Miller, F. (2019). How do we educate 21st century transdisciplinary knowledge producers? Paper presented at 9th Annual Global Education Conference, online. Link to audio/video recording of presentation.

Partridge, H., Bruce, C., Gillespie, A. & Miller, F. (2016) Building the basis for evidence-based library and information practice. Paper presented at Australian Library and Information Association National 2016 Conference, Adelaide, South Australia.

PhD Thesis

Miller, F. (2014). Knowledge ecosystems of early career academics: A grounded theory of experiencing information use for learning in developmental networks, PhD Thesis, Queensland University of Technology. Full text online: